In brief

Forchem Oyj manufactures and sells products distilled from Crude Tall Oil (CTO) mainly to European chemical companies for intermediate and finished manufacture, and to energy companies as biofuel. Forchem’s refinery started operations in Rauma in 2002, and the current capacity is 175 000 tons of CTO feed.

Forchem Oyj has one of the largest biorefineries in the world. In 2012, The Global Cleantech Cluster Association (GCCA) named Forchem as one of the world’s most promising cleantech companies, due to its low-carbon products made of pine. Research and development play a major role in Forchem. Through the new products and new ways to use pitch, Forchem can reach new customers and meet their needs.

In 2015, Forchem issued a bond for the nominal value of 100 million euros, 70 million of which euros were withdrawn. In other words, loan agreement includes an option for additional issue of 30 million euros. Earlier loan from financial institutions was paid in 2015 as a part of the financing rearrangement. The bond will also be listed for public trading on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd before the end of Q2/2016.
On 30 April 2016, Forchem Oyj merged into Respol Finland Oy, which owned all the shares in Forchem Oyj. The purpose of the merger was to rationalize the group structure and achieve synergy effects as well as to combine the administration and cost monitoring systems of Forchem Oyj and Respol Finland Oy. In connection with the completion of the merger, Respol Finland Oy changed its trade name to Forchem Oyj and its company form to a public limited liability company on 6 May 2016. Forchem Oyj as the surviving entity of the merger assumed all rights and obligations of Forchem Oyj.

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