Governance policy

We are committed in high-quality operations, environmental impacts, safety, management’s responsibility and personnel’s commitment.

Operational policy

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Code of conduct

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IR policy

The objective of Forchem’s communication practices is to provide all market participants with sufficient and accurate information of the business operations of the company and any matter that may affect the value of the securities issued by it. Forchem maintains a website on which up-to-date information of the company is provided.

In its external communication, Forchem complies with Securities Markets Act and Companies Act, instructions and regulations issued by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority, and other acts, statutes and regulatory decrees which may be instrumental in communication from time to time.

Bond issued by is listed in the Helsinki Stock Exchange. Stock releases issued by the company are published on its website, and through the Helsinki Stock Exchange in which bonds issued by the company are listed. Further, the stock releases are archived in the national OAM (Officially Appointed Mechanism) maintained by Nasdaq.

Under its obligation to disclose periodic information, Forchem publishes annually its financial statements. Forchem also publishes quarterly reports in accordance with the terms and conditions of its listed bond.

Insider Administration

In insider issues Forchem complies with Finnish legislation, particularly the Securities Markets Act, Regulation No 596/2014 on market abuse (MAR) and its implementing instruments as well as the Insider Guidelines of the Helsinki Stock Exchange and Forchem’s own insider guidelines.